Salvo Sinatra, born in 1961, started his professional career in Turin , an Italian city famous for the car and industrial design.
He started to work at 17, during the secondary school, in a famous design studio of the city. Here his creativity and talent became a job, supported by constant research and development of the concept of “beauty”, interpreted as elegance and style, but always oriented to the industrial and production needs.
In 1984 he got a degree at the “ Academy of Arts ” in Turin . His strength point is to accompany the creation of the product during all steps: conception, production engineering, mould manufacturing, working tools, mock-up. It’s possible to draw a good, innovative product only if you know machine tools, plastic materials, injection and production techniques. Interprets the whole product development process from the initial stage in which designers and creators assign shapes, colors, textures, and materials to the next stage where technical designers control the industrial feasibility of the object without precluding stylistic fantasy
Through the years Salvo Sinatra has been working hard and has been rewarded by the immediate identifiability of his style in all products created by his pencil.