constant, watching the style работа в москве of existing products, to fulfil all aesthetic requirements of med advice the current fashion and to follow the market trends. But ready to be the first to lauch new trends with innovative lines, as soon as the customers lose interest in an old-fashioned style.


creative step of the process, study and research for shapes, target oriented and careful to industrial, technical and manufacturing requirements.every concept is a concrete proposition, a statement of intent followed by a real product. We offer the customer several aesthetic solutions supported by different coloured sketches, drawn by the unique designer’s art talented hand. Ideas are translated into product concepts. A specific concept is the promise that the new product represents, its perceptual characteristics, the user to whom it is addressed. These distinctive features remain intact when the creative process passes to the production process.


This passage to us is fundamental, consolidates or annuls a concept as ergonomics, feasibility understood both as technical and economic feasibility, that regardless of style the dominant factor. This fact is definitely a sustainable and achievable product, with the guarantee that it will not be overwhelmed in the industrialization phase.


we enter the technical step where we check and establish the dimensions and the feasibility of the concept design selected by the customer. We draw the three-dimension model by CAD, adjusting it according to the technical and building requirements. We discuss with the customer’s technical department to fix all details and components.: we build the virtual aesthetic model using a three-dimension software. With the help of computer graphics you can see what doesn’t exist yet by photorealistic rendering. We simulate the impact of light on materials and colours to define the aesthetic shape at best.


it’s necessary to touch by hand the new product to value its own physical shape and its user-friendly degree in the real space. We build the aesthetic model, for style approval and ergonomics; it is built in 1:1 scale or reduced scale. Using fast prototyping or CNC machining systems, useful also in the final steps of product engineering and manufacturing of industrial production tools.The functional prototype is build during design, it is a great tool to test all aspects of a product from design to functioning.Thanks to our technical experience, we are able to choose the most suitable technologies for building models according to their predefined goals, all in close collaboration with qualified work centers. Particular attention is paid to functional prototypes designed to demonstrate laboratory techniques.


Sinatra Design, at the completion of the design phase, faces and follows the entire mold construction cycle and first sampling with the collaboration of a consolidated network of suppliers. the mold of the product is built on the basis of the three-dimensional mathematics defined by the technical designers, using the steels and the materials most suitable for its realization. Technical expertise includes the production of injection molds for plastics, die casting and molds for sheet bending and shearing.

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